• Happy Chinese New Year
    Best of luck in the year to come.
    Wishing you a sparkling New Year and bright
    Happy New Year!
    May the season bring much pleasure to you.
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    Beach, Sunshine, Bikini
    Floral, bright and colorful top plate is making
    everyone diving in the summer wave.
    Want your cosmetic supplies have good design?
    HJS is your best choice
  • Selection & SERVICE
    While we tend to focus on projects involving custom
    design,we offer a number of standard molds and
    stocked items thatcan easily be decorated to create
    stunning solutions for brands worldwide.
  • Design & CREATIVITY
    We specialize in creating custom cosmetic packaging concepts
    for upscale international brands.Many global firms have placed
    their trust in us to package their luxury products.


We have a huge number of standard molds and are always willing to create custom items.


Our lines are incredibly quick, efficient, and can deal with a run of just about any possible size.


We always accompany our clients throughout the development of their packaging solutions.


The items we produce are built to last, keeping products safe on the shelf and in the home.


Let our talented team of designers and engineers help you create the perfect piece of packaging!